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Thread the Needle Day

Posted by Brittany

Thread the Needle Day“Thread the Needle” original referred to a dancing game that involved a string of dancers weaving and running under the arched arms of a couple — thus “threading” their “needle’s eye”. Over time the game became antiquated and crafters adopted Thread the Needle Day as an opportunity to celebrate the art of sewing. For some of us, this means thinking back to our long forgotten home economics classes. Others of us may sew, knit, or embroider on a regular basis — for business, pleasure, or practical purposes. Today’s observance also gives children interested in learning to sew a chance to learn some basics — maybe they’ll even grow up and use those skills to become a surgeon!

I have a sewing machine, but most of the time I use it I’m just trying to stitch two pieces of fabric together because they’ve com apart. In short, I don’t do a lot of creating with my machine, mostly just “fixing”. I’d like to understand more of it’s finesse, and was considering taking an online sewing tutorial, but for now my hand sewing skills have gotten me by when I need them. And, in fact, even though it can sometimes be painful, I prefer sewing and stitching by hand — so much so, that I used to enjoy dabbling with cross-stitch and even made a few stuffed animals a few years ago. But lately, particularly because of our busy work schedules and this project, I haven’t had much time for crafting, so it had been awhile since I’d threaded a needle.

Interestingly, “thread the needle” is also a common idiom which means “to find a path through opposing views”. Earlier in the evening I considered celebrating today’s “unofficial” by working on the baby quilt we started on National Quilting Day. Ironically, baby-making is an issue where I sometimes find myself “threading the needle”. While I’m very excited to start a family with my wonderful husband, sometimes I feel like things are just so great right now that I don’t want to throw anything or anyone else into the mix. And a baby changes everything! But I can’t pause the clock, and I’d like to be at least a young-ish mom, so it’s probably time for me to stop “threading the needle” in the sense of the idiom, and literally thread the needle to work on our baby blanket.

For today, though, I celebrated via a more practical route: I fixed the hem on a pair of khakis that’s been convalescing in the corner of my closet for months. I’m glad Thread the Needle Day gave me the motivation to get this chore done, because I was in need of another pair of pants since our washer is broken. It means I get to grab another day at home before wandering to “La Laundromat de Mom et Dad” down the street!

I’m feeling a bit on the sleepy side, so I think I’ll get my rest while I can. I have a feeling I’ll be up late after celebrating tomorrow’s “unofficial” — it’s National Coffee Milkshake Day!

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