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National Coffee Milkshake Day

Posted by Chris

National Coffee Milkshake DayIt’s hard to tell how long coffee milkshakes have been around. Coffee has a history that dates back to Kaldi, a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd. Milkshakes in comparison are much younger with a history only dating back to 1885. One could safely assume that it was sometime between now and then [1885], when someone got the genius idea to mix the two and get the dessert we celebrate today.

Ever since I gave up soda earlier this year I have had only one consistent source of caffeine — coffee. I’ve been drinking it less in the past month since I start work an hour and a half later, but if given the chance to partake in a nice cup of java I’ll gladly do so. While on one of our epic grocery trips a month or two ago I was introduced to Starbucks ice cream. For the longest time my favorite coffee drink was a triple, sometimes quad, caramel macchiato so when I saw that that was one of their offered ice cream flavors I had to jump on the opportunity to try it.

I was always anxious for summer break during middle school. On hot summer days I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how large of a milkshake I could make and attempt to finish. Looking back it is a little disgusting how many milkshakes I consumed in my younger years. My mother would buy a gallon of ice cream and it would be gone in less than a week. Having said that, I was super excited to be celebrating today’s unofficial. It doesn’t get much better than the combination of coffee and milkshakes! We found a recipe online that called for a cup of strong coffee, half a cup of milk, and six large scoops of ice cream. I decided to use some of the Cafe Du Monde coffee my mom picked up for me on her last trip to New Orleans. We used Edy’s coffee ice cream to ensure we maximized the coffee taste of our milkshakes. The Cafe Du Monde was thr perfect choice for this recipe. The milkshakes were absolutely amazing! Brittany even commented on how much she liked them. This is a dessert we will be remembering in the future. If you are a coffee lover and milkshake drinker I suggest you give this a try.

Tomorrow we are going to heat things up a bit; go find your favorite Barbie and get creative. Tomorrow is Barbie-In-A-Blender Day.

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