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National Lipstick Day

Posted by Brittany

She taught me that shopping can, in fact, be fun, and encouraged me to wear make-up. For awhile I probably went a little overboard, making up for lost time, but now in my “old age” I’ve calmed it down a bit. I’m still not one for the “natural” look when it comes to eye makeup — I love the dramatic. But I try to keep everything else simple, including my lips. I prefer nude or pale pink lip colors, especially if they have a little shine. In fact, I usually don’t wear lipstick — just lip gloss. And, unfortunately, the only time I ever put it on is in the morning, so it’s usually worn away by the time I’ve finished my breakfast.

But, in celebration of National Lipstick Day, today I set aside my favorite pink lipgloss in favor of a nude lipstick! And even more amazingly, I toted the lipstick around throughout the day so I could make sure to re-apply as needed. Wearing lipstick all day has made me realize how much I under-value this cosmetic. Not only does it give my lips a smooth, pretty look — it also helps keep them moisturized! I think I might need to free up a little permanent room in my pocketbook for my favorite shade.

Let’s see if I can make it through tomorrow’s celebration meal without smudging my lipstick — it’s National Cheesecake Day!

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