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Mutts Day

Posted by Brittany

Iris: Iris is also an adoption from my first marriage. She joined me on December 7, 2002, about ten months after Sage. Iris’s adoption papers cited her as a St. Bernard mix but it doesn’t take more than a few minutes with this trim, spotted lady to see that’s she’s probably related to some more common hound or beagle. Iris was also about a year old at the time of her adoption, but she wasn’t as rowdy. My family and I believe she may have come from an abusive or unpredictable home due to the fact that it took her over a year to really come out of her shell. Even now, she is sometimes aloof and easily scared. Iris is usually pretty well behaved, other than the fact that she likes to chew on things and go after small animals. She doesn’t like to be crated or left alone, but she does okay with the company of her doggie brother and sisters. She used to be a big snuggler, but after we added Zoe to the family she started spending less time on the couch with Mom and Dad and more time on the floor with Zoe. She is very photogenic but, in person, she always looks stoned.

Zoe: Chris and I adopted Zoe from a kill shelter on November 19, 2008. Her paperwork says that she’s a pitbull mix, but we’re pretty sure she’s full pitbull. When we first brought her home I was very cautious around her, not having had much experience with “bully breeds.” But Zoe has proven to be a bouncing bundle of sweetness. She loves to cuddle and sneaks up in our bed just about every night, even though she knows she’s not allowed. Like many other pitbulls, she’s capable of making the most amazing vocalizations and sometimes her little whines even sound like a human baby crying. Zoe loves toys as much as her sister Iris, but the toy she’s most interested in is always the one someone else has…she’s a little greedy in that way. She loves to find the warmest spot of sun on the wood floor and stretch out in it. Once, when we took all of the dogs to the mall to have their portraits taken, Zoe escaped. We found her shopping in Hollister.

Chaucer (our honorary mutt): Chaucer is a purebred Boxer Chris brought home with him from West Virginia, after he graduated form Concord University. Chaucer is the only one of our dogs that one of us knew as a little puppy, and the only one whose actual birthday is known (2/24/2006). He’s our only male so we like to think of him as sort of a ladies man. He knows more tricks than any of the other dogs, and Chris seems particularly proud of the fact that he’s taught Chaucer to “speak” and “whisper”. Like a lot of other boxers, Chaucer literally “boxes” when he wants to play and has punched us both in the stomach on a number of occasions. Even so, he’s very gentle for his size and he likes to think he’s a lap dog. He’s a bit of a sissy with loud noises, brooms, and newspapers, but his exceeding intelligence and loyalty make up for it. People always think he was named after Geoffrey Chaucer, but he’s actually named for the apartment complex Chris was living in when he got him.

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