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Mutts Day

Posted by Brittany

So there’s some information about our wonderful little family. In celebration of Mutts Day we decided to do something that’s very difficult for us on the weekend: we didn’t leave the dogs alone at all today. Especially since our work hours changed, Saturdays and Sundays have become our main errand-running days. And even if we get the majority of what we need to completed on Saturdays, we often like to go out for a couple of hours for a date on Sundays. But today we decided to relax a little and spoil our dogs. Chris went out to go to the landfill and to pick up a couple of things at the store while I stayed home with our four little ones, but dividing and conquering prevented us from having to put them in the basement where they stay (mostly for their own safety) while we’re away from the house. In the early evening when the temperatures were starting to drop a little, we loaded everyone in the car and took them for a walk along the beautiful trail at Stafford’s Government Island. The dogs were hot, as were we, but we spent the majority of the time in the shade and our four-legged friends were having a great times sniffing in all the countless scents. Everyone, canine and human, was pretty beat when we were done, so we returned home and have been taking it easy ever since. We can’t image how different our lives would be without these little guys. We love you Sage, Iris, Chaucer, and Zoe!

Maybe we’ll get the dogs to chime in and howl with us a little tomorrow. It’s Rounds Resounding Day!

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