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National Watermelon Day

Posted by Brittany

When we finally got our giant melon home Chris cut it into the shape of a basket and we both dug out the innards using a melon baller. Tonight was the first time either of us had used a melon baller and, though everything turned out alright, I’m starting to wonder if there is some trick technique to it — I can feel a visit to Martha Stewart’s website in my near future.┬áDuring the process of acquainting ourselves with the unfamiliar tool we dropped just enough watermelon to find out that our oldest dog, Sage, is totally obsessed with it — it was like crack for her. When we had finally produced an adequate number of little melon balls we poured them back into our watermelon basket to create a cute edible display, then paired our fresh melon treat with our leftover Hamburger Helper for an eclectic meal. There’s plenty of watermelon left over and we both thought about bringing it to work, but neither one of us is game for hauling the heavy load to our office. So, for now, there’s a giant, green melon basket in our fridge.

Tonight’s sweet treat was delivered from Mother Nature, but tomorrow’s is coming courtesy of Nestle Toll House — August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Day!

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