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National Chocolate Chip Day

Posted by Brittany

National Chocolate Chip DayAccording to the National Confectioner’s Association, August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Day, a day to enjoy the mouth-watering chocolate morsels found in so many of our favorite foods. Chocolate chips are so well-loved that they have been honored with two celebratory days — Chocolate Chip Day is also celebrated each year in May. Here at The Year of Living Unofficially, we agreed that there was no way we could pass up this sweet holiday twice. Afterall, chocolate chips are delicious and fascinating. For example, we would never have guessed that they’re actually a recent invention. They were originally created by Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn of Massachusetts when she added pieces of a chopped up NestlĂ© bar to one of her cookie recipes. The cookies were an instant hit and Wakefield’s negotiation skills earned her a lifetime supply of chocolate in exchange for allowing the company to add her recipe to the back of their chocolate’s packaging. The early packages included a special tool for chopping the chocolate bars into chunks but NestlĂ©, along with other chocolate producers, began selling their product in “chip” form in 1941. Originally made from semi-sweet chocolate, today you can find chocolate chips in various flavors, such as bittersweet, mint, white, dark, and milk chocolate.

Like most red-blooded Americans, I love chocolate chip cookies. They’ve always been my favorite type of cookie, and I could easily eat a dozen if I let my urges get the better of me. Oddly, as much as I enjoy baking, I rarely make traditional chocolate chip cookies from scratch — there are just so many excellent “break and bake” varieties available that have already done most of the work. But there is one recipe I make every Christmas that calls for a multitude of miniature chocolate chips: Polka Dot Brownies, a delectable brownie dessert made from semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. The white chocolate chips in the recipe make the finished treats look as if their speckled with white polka dots, hence their name. I love making these brownies, and working with the miniature chocolate chips is a breeze since their small size allows them to mix and melt so easily. Writing about our polka dot confection is starting to make me think that I can’t wait until Christmas for our next batch.

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