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National Chocolate Chip Day

Posted by Brittany

There are so many ways to use chocolate chips — in cookies, waffles, muffins, ice cream, etc. — but today we decided to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day with our favorite traditional cookie, chocolate chip cookies! We’ve had a couple packages of “break and bake” Chocolate Chip and Chunk cookies lingering in our refrigerator for the past few weeks since I’ve been working out and trying to watch what I’m eating. Every time I’ve opened the fridge door I’ve seen the cookies looking out at me, but I kept telling myself to save them for a special occasion or a night when we have company. When I realized National Chocolate Chip Day was approaching I knew I had found the perfect excuse to get those babies in the oven! So after dinner tonight Chris and I waited eagerly for one dozen of the delicious cookies to finish baking. My parents stopped by as the cookies were still cooling and we attacked the fresh baked sweets as soon as they were ready. It only took a minute for me to consume two, and as I chewed I realized it had been a long time since I’d had a chocolate chip cookie. But, unlike so many other things in life, they were just as good as I’d remembered!

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating our boxers, briefs, and bloomers in honor of National Underwear Day.

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