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National Underwear Day

Posted by Brittany

As of this morning, I hadn’t had a chance to make it to the mall to replace my broken britches, so I was officially down one pair of underwear. And for Chris and I, who remember all too well our college days when students would stockpile underwear just so they could put off doing laundry until their next trip home, low underwear reserves are not an option. So National Underwear Day came just in the knick(ers) of time, as did a Victoria’s Secret coupon for one free pair of hiphuggers, no purhcase necessary. To celebrate today’s “unofficial” and replace my damaged inventory, Chris and I went to the mall after work and redeemed my coupon for a cute pair of navy blue hiphuggers. They weren’t from my favorite Incredible collection, but maybe I’ll stay away from glued underwear for awhile. Or at least maybe I’ll hold off on purchasing any more underwear until I reach my goal size — my workout routine is going well, by the way. It’s been a while since I fit in my size 3 jeans and I forget just how small this hiney might get.

I know one thing that’s not going to help the reduction of my rear — tomorrow is National Rootbeer Float Day!

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