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National Duran Duran Appreciation Day

Posted by Chris

National Duran Duran Appreciation DayEnglish rock band Duran Duran formed in 1978, just one year before the oldest founding member of The Year of Living Unofficially was born. The group quickly became one of the hottest bands of the 80′s, with multiple top hits in the UK and the U.S., and over 100 million records sold. With their interest in fashion and their signature innovative music videos, the band earned itself a cutting-edge image while being nicknamed “the prettiest boys in rock.” Original members included Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen Duffy, and though the lineup had changed over the years, Duran Duran still tours today, with originals Rhodes and Taylor, and added members Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor. One source claims that National Duran Duran Appreciation Day is celebrated on August 10th because, on that date in 1985, lead singer Simon Le Bon survived a near fatal accident when his yacht capsized during a 608 mile race. The band acknowledges National Duran Duran Appreciation Day on their official website and thanks Durran Durran fans for their continued support. Last year the group offered a “snippet” of one of the songs from the album they released the following Spring; this year the band is offering a free download of Other People’s Lives from the single off their new album All You Need Is Now.

Everyone knows Duran Duran right? Until today I would have answered that question with a simple, “Yes!” But thanks to the wonderful Spotify I discovered that Duran Duran has way more ! The past few days have been pretty busy at work and today was no exception. I made the best of things though and took full advantage of the opportunity to listen to some Duran Duran tracks to help the day go by. These guys can really rock! While their sound is definitely identifiable as being from the 80′s they also have a sound that is in a sense timeless. It’s no wonder that the best band of all time (in my opinion), Incubus, covered probably the most famous Duran Duran song Hungry Like the Wolf. After today I am seriously considering the addition of more Duran Duran to my daily playlist. Not only do they deserve their own day because of Simon Le Bon’s close call but for their musical achievements as well.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating in honor of Robert Ingersoll, who was captivating audiences all over the US 100 years before Duran Duran hit the scene. Tomorrow is Ingersoll Day.

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