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National Relaxation Day

Posted by Brittany

National Relaxation DayAccording to a recent survey, over 74% of Americans reported that their inability to relax has a frequent negative affect on their mental and physical health. In this hustle-and-bustle society, setting aside time devoted toward relaxation and rejuvenation can seem next to impossible. Not only do most Americans keep a rigorous work schedule, but many of us have equally daunting personal schedules; between kids’ soccer games, grocery shopping, volunteer work, and the constant bombardment from our smartphones, it’s a wonder that only a whopping third of the population suffers from high blood pressure. National Relaxation Day is an opportunity for us to step back from the stresses of our busy lives. Whether you take the entire day off work and spend it swinging in a hammock, or simply set aside ten minutes of “me time,” make sure you look out for Number One today.

Chris and I are polar opposites when it comes to our ability to easily relax. Chris is a “go with the flow” kind of guy, where I’m more of a planner who loves schedules and routines. Perhaps it is this fundamental difference in our personalities that explains our disparate sleeping patterns: Chris is able to go to bed early and rise early, sleeping with little trouble. I, on the other hand, often experience difficulty falling asleep, and am far from a morning person. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the explanations for my intermittent insomnia has to do with my Type A personality — since the wheels in my head are almost always spinning, sometimes I have trouble winding down and getting to that relaxed, exhausted place you pass just before you make it to the Land of Sleep. I’ve found that reading right before bedtime often relaxes me when I’m in a time crunch. But, given the whole night to wind down, the best way for me to truly relax is by watching an hour or two of TV before I go to sleep. Maybe that’s why I seem to know everything that’s going on in prime time TV.

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