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National Relaxation Day

Posted by Brittany

I’m leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow to meet up with one of my very best friends before we embark on a “girlcation” to Arizona. So, technically, once I’m on the plane tomorrow evening I’ll have started an entire week of relaxation! No work, no cleaning…not even any Year of Living Unofficially (not to worry, Chris will be celebrating solo during my absence). My impending vacation has given me a sort of peace of mind I’ve been lacking for the past few months. In fact, when I left work today I was in such a good mood that I spent ten minutes alone in the cute little garden in front of my new office building. There are a few benches setup around some shrubbery and pretty trees and the weather was so perfect that I was compelled to strip of my cardigan and soak up a few rays of sun in my tank top. Those few minutes got me nice and relaxed before the stressful one hour drive home in Northern Virginia traffic.

Of course, a vacation on the horizon also meant that most of this evening was consumed by running around the house looking for things, and packing. But, knowing that this was the last night we’d see each other for awhile (and that this will be the longest Chris and I have ever been apart), we decided to squeeze in a rare dinner out together. We went to Chili’s and since it was so late in the evening the atmosphere was very quiet and relaxed — perfect for National Relaxation Day. When we returned home I finished my packing and now I’m writing today’s post from the most relaxing spot in the house: the comfort our our bed.

Goodnight! And good luck to Chris as he celebrates this next week! Tomorrow he’ll be enjoying National Rum Day!

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