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National Rum Day

Posted by Chris

National Rum DayAhoi matey! Today is National Rum Day, a day celebrated to help quench your thirst with your favorite rum drink. Rum is made by distilling by products of sugarcane, such as molasses or sugarcane juice, and is then aged in oak barrels. A majority of rum is produced in the Caribbean and in Latin American nations and territories.

While the precursors of rum date back thousands of years, tradition suggests that rum didn’t originate until sometime in the 1600′s on the island of Barbados. The drink quickly became a favorite of the locals. It didn’t take long for the drink to make its way to the colonies, and in 1664 the first distillery was built at what is now Staten Island. Three years later a distillery was constructed in Boston and rum quickly became Colonial New England’s largest and most prosperous industry. Perhaps the most famous part of rums history though, is its association with piracy. The relationship began after the trading of rum boomed in the mid 1600′s when the Royal Navy captured the island of Jamaica. The sailors quickly fell in love with the taste of rum, and the rest is history.

Today marks day one of my time alone on the east coast while Brittany celebrates on the west coast with her friend Deborah (she helped us kick off this project in January on Mummer’s Day). Flying isn’t Brittany’s favorite thing in the world so I have decided to have a drink in celebration of her solo flight to New Mexico. I’m celebrating National Rum Day with a Rum and Coke (if my sentences start to not make sense, I apologize that means I am celebrating too hard). The plan later, is to have a tasting of the rums we have acquired this year from all of the alcohol related holidays. I’d like to give one last toast to celebrate National Rum Day, I have been playing softball once a week for my new job at Adfero. Unfortunately tonight is our last game and I wasn’t able to attend but I’d like to raise my glass to my fellow co-workers/teammates who have stuck with the team this, our inaugural, season.

Tomorrow I test my skills in the kitchen and will attempt to make homemade custard. Tomorrow is National Vanilla Custard Day.

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