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National Vanilla Custard Day

Posted by Chris

National Vanilla Custard DayCustard is a sweet sauce or dessert that is made with milk, eggs, and sugar. The consistency of custard varies depending on how much egg or thickener is used. Thin, saucier custards are typically served over breads or cakes. The thicker, and in my opinion, more popular version is baked in pastries and pies, served with fruits and vegetables, or enjoyed on its own. Historically custards have played an important part in European cuisine.

I won’t lie, when I first heard of this holiday the first thing that came to my mind was Carl’s, located in nearby Fredericksburg, VA. As a matter of fact, up until yesterday a trip to Carl’s was going to be how I celebrated today. There are also a few frozen custard places near work I was planning on hitting up. Unfortunately it wasn’t that type of custard. Fortunately, we had everything to make homemade custard. I headed over to and found a recipe for Basic Vanilla Custard. To my surprise custard is fairly easy to make, or at least this recipe was. I made the custard and let it chill as I made and then ate dinner. When it came time to have dessert I got a little nervous. I’d never had custard (other than a Boston Creme donut) and didn’t know what I should except. I’m also not a huge fan of pudding or anything with that type of texture. However, I was shocked after my first spoonful of custard. The consistency isn’t quite as bad as pudding and the sweet taste is exquisite. It’s just a shame that Brittany wasn’t here to partake in dessert with me tonight. I’ve actually quite enjoyed this holiday. It will be nice to come home tomorrow and have the remaining custard.

I’ll be sorting through the mail tomorrow in an attempt to find something cheesy to get for our friends and family for the holiday season. Tomorrow is Mail Order Catalog Printing Day!

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