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National Lemonade Day

Posted by Chris

National Lemonade DayThe first lemons are said to have been found in North India, China and Burma around 700 AD. Lemons were used as the main ingredient in a variety of dishes in Persia, Arab countries, Iraq and Egypt. Chances are lemonade would have been served as a drink with these dishes, but written evidence suggest that lemonade originated in Egypt.

Today there are many different types of lemonade. You can find powders, concentrates and ready-made lemonade at any grocery store. There are even three basic types of lemonade; clear, cloudy and fizzy. Clear lemonade used to be a popular European drink. Cloudy lemonade is the traditional drink us Americans are used to, and is mostly found in Canada, India and USA. Fizzy lemonade is made of soda with either natural or artificial lemon flavor.

As I promised yesterday, I spent today with my cousin Joey, his wife and our grandmother, Grandee. We picked Grandee up around 2:15 PM and after a brief talk at her house left to get some lunch then head to the Torpedo Factory. After throwing a few restaurants out there we finally decided on Daniel O’Connells. It looked like everyone was content with their waters, so I decided to speak up and order a glass of cold lemonade. To my surprise each of them followed my lead! We received our beverages and instantly we all started taking pictures. It was a bit nostalgic. In a way it reminded me of the happiness I felt as a child setting up a lemonade stand and selling to the neighborhood passerbys. For a brief few seconds the lemonade had a power over us. The food was great and the company was amazing! Being able to celebrate with my grandmother, cousin and his wife was nice. It was just what I needed to help distract me from the lack of a holiday partner this week.

Get ready to search the ice cream isle in your local grocery store, tomorrow is National Spumoni Day!

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