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National Spumoni Day

Posted by Chris

National Spumoni DaySpumoni is an Italian dessert made from layers of ice cream, fruit, nuts, and whipped cream. The ice cream is often times mixed with whipped cream, while the fruit and nut layers typically consist of cherry and pistachio bits. Served sliced Spumoni differs from ice cream as it should never be scooped. Spumoni originated from Naples, where it is an unknown dessert in present day. The popular Neopolitan ice cream is actually a flavor that was inspired by Spumoni.

Today is my final day alone before Brittany gets back from her “girlcation”. While I have had a nice time as the sole zookeeper in the Neigh household for the past week, I definitely won’t miss it when Brittany is back to help me. What better way to celebrate her return tomorrow than trying Spumoni for the first time? The only problem I thought I may run into was finding some. Luckily trusty Wegman’s saved the day. I did some tidying up around the house for Brittany’s return and afterwards, it was time for Spumoni! As you have probably noticed from the picture I used an ice cream scoop instead of slicing the Spumoni. This was before I knew how it should be served. In my defense though, it’d be pretty tough to slice it out of a round tub. The taste reminded me of something you would eat during the Christmas season. It was very sweet, and seemed to be a little fluffier than ice cream. I actually think I prefer Spumoni over Neopolitan ice cream.

Tomorrow we will helping others, it’s a day to be selfless in your actions. Tomorrow is National Be An Angel Day.

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