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National Be An Angel Day

Posted by Brittany

National Be An Angel DayNational Be An Angel Day was first celebrated on August 22, 1983. Jayne Howard Feldman created the holiday as a way to inspire people everywhere to do something kind for someone else. These encouraged good deeds can be large or small, and they can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. No matter the ‘angel act,’ today is a chance to work on being a better person, not only for the benefit of others, but also for ourselves.

I try my best to live my life by the “do unto others” credo though, like everyone, I have moments of weakness and selfishness. I am very sensitive to making other people happy and comfortable, even occasionally at my own expense. But in spite of this effort, of which I’m often proud, I rarely go above and beyond my comfort zone. I’m often shy, so it’s rare that I’ll go out of my way to help a stranger, other than some spare change for someone in need, or intermittent anonymous food donations. But in the spirit of today’s “unofficial” I made an effort to go out of my comfort zone by helping the woman who sat next to me on my return flight home with her luggage, as well as another frenzied traveler. Even though the deed was exceedingly small, it felt good to be of assistance. And I think a little more practice might help me with the shyness I so easily slip into.

But for National Be An Angel Day I want to talk about my angel: my husband, Chris. As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent for the past week. I get a little more annual vacation leave than Chris does, so this year for my birthday I asked for a round-trip plane ticket to Albequerque, NM, where I embarked on a much-needed, fun-filled vacation with one of my closest friends, Deborah. (Deborah helped us celebrate Mummer’s Day during the debut of this project). But none of this would have been possible without the support of my wonderful husband, who stayed home and took care of our four dogs (five for awhile, while he dog-sat his parents dog, Henri), four chinchillas, three acres, countless errands, and of course, our year of living unofficially. This vacation was a real treat — an experience I’ll never forget and, with the possibility of expanding our family, one I might not be able to repeat for many years. I know Chris would have loved to share the adventure with me and Deborah but, as my angel, he did everything he could to make this trip possible and I truly thank him for it. And he even came to meet me at the airport today even though we’d planned to meet up at the metro later in the evening. What a man!

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