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National Sponge Cake Day

Posted by Brittany

And honestly, as much as I was ready to get back on the elliptical, that was fine with me. It’s been a long time since I’ve baked something from scratch and not feeling rushed really gave me the chance to enjoy the process. Armed with a good sponge cake recipe and the simplest of ingredients, I spent a little meditative time with my Kitchenaid mixer and my oven. The cake mixture was sweet-smelling and the end result was a yummy, simple tasting cake. We decided to dish up tonight’s dessert plain, but I might pick up some strawberries or whipped cream for the leftovers…delicious! Unfortunately, now that we’ve had our cake (and eaten it too) we’ve got to go clean up after some broken knick-knacks, the only Neigh casulaties of today’s quake.

Earlier this evening Chris exercised his right to vote, in our local county elections. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the life of an 18th century British politician: it’s WIlliam Wilberforce Day!

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