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Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day

Posted by Brittany

Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day is another zany holiday brought to us by our friends at On August 28th computer owners are encouraged to race our mouse around our desktop icons while waiting for our computers to do whatever it is they’re doing. The idea is that this silly way to pass the time will make us feel “peppy.”

Chris and I both spend a lot of time in front of computers during our work week. I usually like to take a break from computers during the weekend (I write all our posts from our iPad instead of my Mac), but Chris always seems to be toting around one laptop or another, getting in time for a little extra work or play. Since I’m rarely on my home computer I don’t spend a lot of time running updates or archiving old files so, over the past year or so, my desktop has become a complete mess. ironically, even though Chris spends so much time on the computer, his is clean and organized. Now if only I could get him to use those same skills to tidy the kitchen. (Just kidding — I love you, Chris!)

Chris and I celebrated Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day together this evening, using his MacBook Pro. He found a nifty program named IOGraph; it records and times your movements around the screen. I had a bit of fun tracing Chris’s “snow leopard” background, producing a sort of drunk looking Etch-A-Sketch style cat. And of course we also used it to time ourselves as we took turns racing our cursor through the items on his desktop. I think he beat me on time, but if there were points given away for artistry I’m sure I would have won. He didn’t have very many icons so our tracings were pretty simple, but I think it would be interesting to keep the program running sometime and see what the trail looks like by the end of the day. Who knows — we might even end up with a work of art!

But enough playing around with the computer for now — tomorrow we’ll be breaking out our board games for “According to Hoyle” Day!

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