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Eat Outside Day

Posted by Brittany

Eat Outside DayEach year, as August comes to a close, adults and children alike lament the rapidly passing days of summer. Just like yesterday’s holiday, National Toasted Marshmallows Day, Eat Outside Day is observed in an attempt to squeeze as much enjoyment as possible from the season’s waning days before we slip into Autumn. Whether you celebrate with a picnic, cookout, cocktail, or porch-side popsicle, today is the day to grab your grub and head for the outdoors.

In spite of Virginia’s propensity toward thick, humid conditions, I really love the summer. Admittedly, I don’t spend as much time outdoors as I should. But I do love being able to walk outside without first subjecting myself to multiple layers of clothing and cold-weather accessories. My infatuation with the warmer months has played a roll in many of my life’s decisions. For instance, no matter the opportunity, I have pretty much decided that I will never move anywhere with a colder climate than the one in which I currently live. Warmer would be fine, but never colder. On a smaller scale, when I was in the market for a new home the outdoor environment was almost as important to me as the interior of the house. In fact, one of the first things I noticed about my current home was it’s beautiful and unique back deck — a perfect place to entertain and dine. And I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful outdoor furniture Chris’s parents bought us as a wedding gift, or the fact that the countless mosquitos and gnats that inhabit our surrounding areas don’t seem to like the taste of my blood, but I really love eating outside. One of the goal’s I’ve already set for 2012 is to grill and eat outside more often.

Unfortunately, after a year’s worth of yard-duty neglect (hey, it takes a lot of time to live a year “unofficially”!) and the scattered branches and foliage from this past weekend’s hurricane, our deck is currently lacking a certain charm. Considering it’s condition, we decided that not only do we have a lot of cleaning and weeding in store for the holiday weekend, but we also needed to find another place to enjoy today’s outdoor meal. We considered each taking our lunches outside, but that seemed a bit of a bummer since we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the holiday together. We also talked about eating on the bench on our front walkway, which offers a beautiful view of our sloping front yard, but it’s usually dark by the time we get home.

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