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National Cheese Pizza Day

Posted by Brittany

National Cheese Pizza DayAlthough the ancient Greeks enjoyed a pizza-like food made by covering bread with oils, herbs, and cheese, modern pizza actually originated in Italy as the Neapolitan pie. Cheese was added in the late 1800′s and it didn’t take long for pizza to become a popular food across the globe. Today Americans alone eat approximately 350 slices per second. And with thousands of variations and ingredients to choose from it seems that there’s a pizza for even the pickiest eater. Whether you like to mix it up with thin or thick crust, pepperoni or Hawaiian toppings, there’s one pizza that seems to be a common denomiator for us all: cheese pizza. When in doubt, serving up a piping hot cheese pizza is always a crowd pleaser. National Cheese Pizza Day is a day to celebrate this classic by enjoying a delicious slice. Or two or three.

I think there must be some unspoken law that all Americans have to love pizza. I can’t think of a single person I know that doesn’t enjoy a slice now and then. Not only is pizza tasty, but it’s also totally affordable. I remember being a broke college kid, sharing a pie or two with my roommates and savoring every last bite. As an adult I don’t eat pizza quite as often, but I still love it. A few years ago a Little Caesars carry out opened in Stafford and occasionally we’ll stop by for a $5 Hot ‘N Ready pepperoni or cheese pizza. It’s an great way to get a cheap and easy hot meal after a long day of work. Sometimes I feel guilty when I think about all the fat and calories I’m ingesting. But then again, if you’re not paying attention, some dressing-soaked cheese covered salads are actually worse for you than a couple of pizza slices!

To celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day Chris made us one of his amazing signature pizzas. He likes to make his crust by hand, then smother it with pizza sauce and cheddar cheese. I love it when he makes his pizza because it’s delicious, filling, and not too greasy. I usually only have a couple of slices, but tonight it was so good I couldn’t help myself and I had a third. And as if making dinner wasn’t enough, now Chris is doing all the ironing! I’m so lucky to have such a handsome and talented husband. What a wonderful way to end the long holiday weekend!

Tomorrow our tastebuds will be tempted again — it’s National Coffee Ice Cream Day!

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