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National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Posted by Brittany

National Coffee Ice Cream DayFor many of us, coffee is part of our daily routine. It’s rich aroma and too often necessary caffeine help wake us up and keep us going through the day. The smell of a brewing pot can even put a smile on the faces of those of us who don’t drink coffee. Perhaps this is why coffee translates so well as an ice cream flavor. Coffee ice cream is a popular flavor, and was actually one of the first three flavors ever offered by Haagen Dazs. And it seems that you don’t need to be a coffee lover to love coffee flavored ice cream — approximately one third of those who enjoy the dessert don’t actually drink coffee. So grab a pint, cover it in hot fudge and caramel, or just enjoy it plain. But whatever you do, make sure you celebrate National Coffee Ice Cream Day, one of the most delicious days of the year!

Chris can easily down five cups of hot coffee in a day, but I can’t even bring myself to drink one. I’m more of a tea drinker. But lower the temperature on that coffee and I’m all over it; I love iced coffee drinks, iced mochas, and of course, coffee ice cream. Maybe it’s the bitterness of hot coffee that drives me away (though I do load it up with cream and sugar), but as soon as you add a little sugar and ice the coffee flavor goes down a lot smoother. And in its chilled or frozen state I’m sure I could eat more than the equivalent of five cups of coffee! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Chris and I celebrated National Coffee Ice Cream Day by sharing a pint of Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream. Chris is somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to coffee ice cream so he couldn’t chance the success of today’s “unofficial” on some cheap store brand mix. Starbucks seldom disappoints us, and I found myself feeling like one pint almost wasn’t enough — it was just that good! The only downside to our celebration is that we didn’t get around to eating our dessert until after 11 PM, so now we have all this extra caffeine coursing through our veins. That’s okay though, we could use the extra energy: the reason our celebration started so late is that we’ve been out looking for one of our dogs, Iris, all night. She got away from me when I was walking her earlier tonight and she’s been missing since. We’re going to sleep downstairs tonight in the hopes that we might hear our little girl barking outside if she comes home. Maybe the extra caffeine will help in this endeavor.

If today’s “unofficial” was too sweet for you, you’re in luck tomorrow — it’s Salami Day!

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