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Teddy Bear Day

Posted by Brittany

In fact, you may remember our little baby bear from Baby Massage Day. He’d been stripped down to an improvised diaper to serve as our model, but he usually wears a tiny little outfit. Baby Bear Neigh was a gift from my parents and when I unwrapped him it made me chuckle to see that the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory packages their bears in boxes with air holes! But that wasn’t the end of the laughing: as he emerged from the box, I saw that our little bear was wearing a tiny pair of jeans and a white t-shirt that said “NEIGH” (our last name) on it. Although Vermont Teddy Bear Factory creates custom orders, this bear was actually one of their standard toys created for horse lovers! Now he lives his days in my home office, watching over Mommy and making sure I get things done.

To celebrate Teddy Bear Day Chris and I decided to take a portrait with Baby Bear Neigh. After all, by this time next year he might not be the only Baby Neigh in the house — we might as well make the most of him for now. Chris thought it would be fun to get dressed up as if we were taking a “real” family portrait so we got gussied up and struck a pose. Baby Bear Neigh was the perfect model for our picture. He only fussed and wiggled a little. I think I’m going to cuddle with him a little before bed time (hugging a teddy bear can really lift the spirits!), but it’s going to be a struggle to keep the dogs away. Rest assured though, I will return the bear to a safe place before I go to sleep — if the dogs ever ate this adorable (and pricey) baby I’m not sure I could trust myself to take care of a real one!

Tomorrow we’ll spend lunchtime glued to the sofa — sounds like the perfect Saturday afternoon to me! It’s TV Dinner Day!

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