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TV Dinner Day

Posted by Brittany

To celebrate TV Dinner Day, Chris and I had a TV Dinner lunch. We couldn’t hold off until dinnertime because my parents wanted to take us out tonight for a little early celebration in honor of our upcoming 2nd wedding anniversary. Knowing that we had a tasty evening meal ahead of us, we headed to the grocery store to pick out our frozen dishes so we could have lunch early enough so as not to spoil our dinner plans. When we got to the store we settled on the section of Banquet brand meals because they were super cheap (on sale for $0.80 each!), didn’t have very many calories (hello diet!), and had a pretty good variety (pasta to country-fried steak). Chris picked a meatloaf meal with mashed potatoes and corn, while I selected the more juvenile option of chicken nuggets and french fries. When we got home and nuked our meals I was surprised to find that they were much tastier than I’d expected them to be — with a little ketchup mine was fine. Chris liked his meatloaf well enough but didn’t care for the mashed potatoes. It looks like we’re going to sample a few more meals in the future — since they were so cheap we ended up buying several varieties. So I guess this is actually going to be more like TV Dinner Week for us!

We’re experiencing a few technical difficulties at The Year of Living Unofficially, thanks to a problem with the Verizon utilities in our neighborhood. Posting via our 3G phones isn’t an ideal solution, but it will have to do for now. Hopefully everything is fixed by tomorrow, Make Your Bed Day.

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