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Make Your Bed Day

Posted by Brittany

The days, weeks, and months that followed marked a time of unity across America that I have never experienced at any other point in my life. People were kinder to each other. Flags appeared everywhere. Nobody honked their horns or waved theirs fists during traffic. Of course it didn’t last forever, but the changed attitude of our nation, no matter how temporary, demonstrated the strength, support, courage, and triumph of our citizens and survivors.

A lot has changed in the past ten years: America has been at war for most of my adult life, the economy boomed and then broke, Osama Bin Laden was located and killed. In the meantime, life went on.

Ten years ago I was 22 years old. I had just dropped out of grad school and was working two retail jobs. I was living with my husband of two years for the first time, in a small apartment in my hometown. I didn’t have any dogs. Now, at 32, I have a career and I’m a second-time homeowner. I’ve gone through a divorce and started a new marriage. I’m mom to four dogs and four chinchillas. I’ve grown as a person, so much so, that I barely remember or recognize the person I was on September 11, 2001. That person was just a stepping stone in the journey that has put me where I am today.

But for almost 3,000 people, their journeys ended that day. They woke up that morning and, like me, made their bed, got ready for their day, and ate their breakfast. But, unlike me, they never came home. They’ll never have another chance to hug a loved one, call a friend, enjoy a meal, or watch a football game. This morning, as Chris and I made our bed in honor of today’s “unofficial”, I considered how blessed we are for every moment we have together, even moments spent doing the simplest of acts. Though making our bed is something we too often treat as a scorned chore, we are blessed to be able to do it. We are blessed to be here. And we will Never Forget.

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