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Defy Stuperstition Day

Posted by Brittany

To celebrate Defy Superstition Day I did the unthinkable: I listened to the radio at volume level 13! And I stepped on all of the sidewalk cracks I came across (and haven’t heard any complaints about my mom’s back). And I opened an umbrella inside (just like Chris did on Umbrella Day)! If it didn’t seem like such a waste I’d break a mirror too, though honestly it hasn’t been that long since I broke on of my small hand mirrors. Chris joined in the fun too, stepping on cracks and walking under a ladder we have in our basement. And guess what? So far, so good! I like to think we’re the makers of our own futures. Sure, there’s stuff that’s unavoidable. But in many situations it’s being smart about how you react or cope that transform you into a survivor — not the color your wearing or which side of the bed you get out of.

We’ve been looking forward to tomorrow’s “unofficial” all month — it’s National Cream-Filled Donut Day!

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