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Make A Hat Day

Posted by Brittany
Make A Hat Day - Sagan

Photo by TGAW

September 15th is Make a Hat Day, a day to design, make, and wear your own hat. Not much is known about the origin of this holiday, but it was very likely created by elementary school teachers who look for fun projects for pupils, especially early in the new school year. Making a hat can be simple, and it’s is a great way for a child (or anyone for that matter) to express their creativity and have fun doing it!

I only have a couple of hats in my closet, but I rarely think to wear them. When I was younger I often tucked my long curly hair under a baseball cap, but that habit died around the same time as my overt tomboyishness. Now I mostly wear hats during the winter, when I consider them a necessity. It’s very important to conserve as much of that precious body heat as we can, and so much of it escapes through our heads!

Yesterday I started researching different types of hats and quickly came to the conclusion that I should make a MadCap. The design, created by Elsa “Schiap” Schiaperlli, is exceedingly simple even for someone with my rudimentary stitching skills. Schiap came up with the hat, which can be made from scraps of left over fabric, during the Great Depression. And, as it turned out, I had the perfect amount of blue fleece left over from one of our wedding projects in order to make a fun chapeau!

I didn’t expect to do much more than sew up the little blue hat, stick it on my head, and have a laugh. But by the time I was finishing the hem I wanted to keep going. So I rummaged through my craft drawers and found some fun doo-dads I was able to use in order to give my hat a little personality. And a face. The end result is definitely silly, but I’m kind of into it. I might even wear my new friend during tomorrow’s morning commute.

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