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Make A Hat Day

Posted by Brittany

Make A Hat DayWhile I was playing with my sewing machine and stitching on eyeballs, Chris was planning a hat of his own. He created the ultimate throw-back hat craft: an origami hat made from newspaper. I feel like that’s a childhood activity that none of us should ever forget how to do, but we actually had to look up instructions. This may actually be the perfect hat for Chris since, at 6’6″ tall he has a gigantic head that doesn’t fit most hats — so a do-it-yourself sizable solution is exactly what he needs. Too bad people would probably thing he was crazy if he wore it out in public. …Not that my silly hat makes me look sane, or anything.

Yay! Arts and Crafts time isn’t over yet — tomorrow is National Play-Doh Day!

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