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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Posted by Chris

Talk Like a Pirate DayOnce upon a time, June 6, 1995 t’ be exact, John Baur and Mark Summers were playin’ a game o’ racquetball and unbeknownst t’ them they started t’ encourage each other in pirate slang. They have a theory that in an attempt t’ reach for a low shot a muscle was strained and Mark yelped out, “Arrr!” But again this be just a theory. This buckoly match made t’ two realize that what t’ world was missin’ was a day in which us landlubbers can express our inner pirate. T’ two struggled t’ celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day on t’ day o’ its birth since June 6 be t’ anniversary o’ D-Day. T’ first date t’ come t’ mind was September 19, Mark’s ex-buxom beauty’s birthday (also t’ first day he could think o’ that wasn’t already celebratin’ a holiday). T’ two celebrated for t’ next seven years pretty much on their own, but in early 2002 John came across Dave Barry’s email address, shot him an email and convinced him t’ brin’ attention t’ Talk Like a Pirate Day. T’ email was successful and Talk Like a Pirate Day be now celebrated internationally.

It’s always fun t’ try t’ talk like a pirate. I recall t’ first time I saw Treaaye Island as a kid and how cool I thought t’ pirates sounded. When Pirates o’ t’ Caribbean came out in 2003 it was t’ perfect opportunity t’ hear again an accent I hadn’t heard for too long. Pirate talk just be somethin’ that always seems t’ put people in a good mood.

We celebrated throughout t’ day today. On t’ way t’ work we exchanged a few sentences in pirate talk. A matey o’ mine brought it up in one o’ our weekly meetin’s, luckily only a couple people heard him and I didn’t have t’ speak like a pirate in fore o’ t’ entire company. Brittany and I had t’ send a couple emails aft an forth all o’ which were in pirate speak. I knew that a while aft Facebook added an option t’ change t’ language t’ English (Pirate) so what did I do? Change it t’ pirate o’ course! T’ finish thin’s off I decided t’ write this post in dull English and brin’ it into a translator and see what it gave me. T’ result be this, hope it isn’t t’ hard for you t’ read.

We celebrate tomorrow with a drink normally served at celebrations. Tomorrow be National Punch Day!

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