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National Pecan Cookie Day

Posted by Brittany

National Pecan Cookie DayWe here at the Year of Living Unofficially love cookies. 2011 has already tempted our proverbial “sweet tooth” with National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day, Oreo Cookies Day, Sugar Cookie Day, and Fortune Cookie Day. So when we discovered that September 21st is National Pecan Cookie Day we were ready to celebrate!

Pecans are not only delicious, but research suggests that they also offer several health benefits — they are a great source of protein and unsaturated fat, may help lower cholesterol levels as much as some medications, and a daily snack of pecans may delay some age-onset muscle nerve degeneration. Although cookies were not introduced to America until the Dutch settled here in the 17th century, pecan trees are native to the United States. In fact, Native Americans commonly used the nuts as a source of food and trade, and our fellow Virginians Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew pecans in their orchards.

As Chris and I prepared to celebrate today’s “unofficial” we had one important question to answer: with so many different types of pecan cookies (orange pecan, caramel pecan, butter pecan, etc), what kind were we going to make? We’ve been watching our diets and avoiding sweets so we knew this was our chance to indulge. Finally, we decided on a butter pecan cookie recipe we favored for it’s simplicity and high ratings.

Since I love to bake I got busy as soon as we were finished with dinner. There was something strangely relaxing about rolling the cookie dough into little balls, flattening it, and pushing in the pecan pieces. It didn’t take long for the kitchen to fill with the sweet scent of our delicious cookies! The only drawback to this recipe? We had to wait an entire hour for the dough to chill, which seems like an excruciatingly unbearable length of time when you know cookies are in your future! But the warm cookies were satisfying and tasty, and I kept thinking of Cookie Monster while we stuffed our faces….”C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me…” So good, I just might have another.

Tomorrow we trade in our little cookies for little creatures — It’s Hobbit Day!

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