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Ataxia Awareness Day

Posted by Chris

Ataxia Awareness DayAccording to the National Ataxia Foundation, ‘International Ataxia Awareness Day’ is an international effort from ataxia organizations around the world to dedicate September 25 as a day for people to become educated about living with ataxia. Organizations throughout the world hosted events today to help bring awareness to this horrible disease. Ataxia, which is Greek for “lack of order”, is a neurological sign and symptom that consists of gross lack of coordination of muscle movements. People who suffer from ataxia have coordination problems as a result of the parts of their nervous systems that control movement and balance being affected. In addition to ataxia being a symptom it is also used to denote a group of degenerative neurological diseases.

It was my idea for Brittany and me to celebrate Ataxia Awareness Day, referred to as International Ataxia Awareness Day on some sites. I had never heard of ataxia before and since learning about new medical conditions is something of interest to me, I felt I owed it to Brittany and myself to become aware of ataxia. We decided to educate ourselves by watching a few different videos on YouTube. There was even a nine minute summary of a made-for-tv movie about a girl in Japan who was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia at the age of 15 that was pretty touching.

Being diagnosed with epilepsy at age 8 I have been through my share of EEG tests as well as a few others. One of the tests I do during my annual check up is a finger-to-nose test, my guess is to test to see if I am having tremors as a result of my medication. It is also one of the tests used to recognize the symptoms of ataxia. It’s probably actually a pretty common test but for some reason it triggered an interest to find out more about ataxia for me. I have my annual checkup later this year and may ask my neurologist a few questions about ataxia.

Tomorrow is Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children, we don’t have children though, why did we decide to celebrate this one?

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