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Crush a Can Day

Posted by Brittany

Crush a Can DaySeptember 27th is Crush a Can Day, a day to flatten, squish or squeeze a can. Crushing a can is a great way to release a little stress or frustration, and it makes fitting all of your aluminum into your recycling bin a lot easier!

We drank a lot of soda when I was growing up and every once in awhile I’d stomp a can flat just for fun. Chris and I don’t buy soda but sometimes when we’re at my parents house they’re kind enough to share their stash with us. Tonight, when we realized we didn’t have any cans, Chris made the trip down the street to steal a couple sodas. And that was fine with me — I’ve actually been craving a little Diet Pepsi so this was the perfect excuse to have some!

When we’d finished our soda and it was finally time to crush our cans, we had to consider the method. Some people crush cans with their foreheads; some people do it with their shoulder-blades or biceps. Back in February we crushed a few cans by creating a vacuum in honor of Create a Vacuum Day. But tonight we decided to do it like I did when I was a kid: a fun and simple stomp. And you know what? We did just as well as any trash compactor. The tiny crippled cans are barely taking up any room in our recycling bin.

Tomorrow we’ll learn about the prevention and control of a terrible disease that affects people and animals across the world — it’s World Rabies Day.

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