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International Frugal Fun Day

Posted by Brittany

Today was my company’s office picnic — it was catered by Famous Dave’s and some of my wonderful co-workers had put a lot of effort into planning some fun games and activities. Chris and I were really looking forward to an afternoon filled with free fun! That is, until we arrived. As soon as we stepped out of the car a chilly wind hit us. As we followed the path to the picnic pavilion, which was perched high on a hill over Lake Accotink, the wind coming off of the water made it colder and colder. By the time we reached the group I saw that everyone was bundled in winter coats. One of our bosses had even run out to the store to buy winter hats for everyone! Unfortunately, with the bitter cold getting to everyone, the get-together did not last long. We had enough time to grab some free food before the party went bust and a large part of the group moved indoors to Hard Times Cafe. Once inside, Chris and I continued the frugal fun by sharing a cheap beer, as well as some laughs with my co-workers. All in all, despite the bone-chilling weather, today was just about as fun and frugal as anyone could hope.

Tomorrow is Name Your Car Day — and just in time! It looks like Chris will be acquiring a new “project car” tomorrow afternoon! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl .. ?

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