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Name Your Car Day

Posted by Chris

Name Your Car DayOctober 2 is Name Your Car Day. It is a day devoted to putting a name to the personality your car or truck so often shows.

For some of us our cars are like our home away from home. On a regular basis we rely on cars to get us from point a to point b, and sometimes points c, d, e, and so on. For many, cars are a sort of addiction; we would rather drive around for a few extra minutes for closer parking spot than walk a few extra feet. After all the time we spend in our cars the least we can do is give them a name right?

How does one name a car though? Is a car male or female? How do you even decide? I have always thought of my cars as females. Names for me have always been determined by the country in which the car originated. For example the Volkswagen Golf I drove in college was named Bergen. A German car named after a German town. The GTI I currently drive is appropriately name Heidi (how original) I think because at the time I decided to name it I didn’t feel like putting too much thought into it and Heidi Klum was the only German female that came to mind. Sexy car and sexy actress/model, sounds good to me!

Well it just so happens that today was also the day that I planned on purchasing a 1990 Honda CRX. It’s been sitting for a few years but with a little tender love and care I think it will be a great car. Ever since I started to drive I’ve shared a fondness for CRX’s. The first car I, I mean, my parents bought me was a 1989 Honda Civic Si hatchback. I really loved that car but unfortunately a soccer mom that had stopped behind me at traffic light decided the light would turn green for her 30 seconds before the rest of us. Some how she managed to hit me so hard that it pushed me into the car in front of me, in turn totaling my car. I really wanted a CRX but didn’t have the patience to really look for one and ended up settling for a 1992 Honda Civic instead. Back to today, after some help from a friend towing it back to the house and getting it settled in the driveway I started thinking about what to name my newly purchased vehicle. I decided to hit up the interwebs for some inspiration and came across a name that seemed to fit. I’ve decided to name my CRX Hana, which is a Japanese name meaning “favorite.” I went with Hana because the CRX is by far my favorite Honda has ever made. Sure it’s looks are a little dated but it is still a darn good looking car, not to mention the way they drive!

Tomorrow is National Taco Day! TACOOOOSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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