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Moldy Cheese Day

Posted by Chris

Moldy Cheese Day We, as humans, usually don’t consume foods if they are covered with mold. Some foods however are supposed to be moldy. Moldy Cheese Day is a day set aside to embrace the cheeses that are meant to be moldy; cheeses such as bleu, camembert, gorgonzola, maytag blue, roquefort, brie, and stilton.

Brittany and I love cheese! We love it so much that it would probably be close to impossible for us to live without it. At any given time we have at least four different kinds of cheese in our fridge. With holidays such as National Cheese Fondue Day and Spouse’s Day (where we again had fondue) we have had plenty of opportunities to take full advantage of our cheese addiction.

Today, between getting the house tidied up and beginning to get ready for our cruise, we took a few minutes to figure out how exactly we wanted to celebrate today’s unofficial. We had originally wanted to make a salad with bleu cheese dressing and bleu cheese crumbles. I think fondue was thrown out there too, as well as a black and bleu burger from one of the local restaurants. It became very apparent to us that we wanted to celebrate today by ingesting bleu cheese. This is probably because out of the moldy cheeses bleu cheese is our favorite. Realizing that time was short and it would probably cost about the same amount to purchase ingredients to make whatever it was we wanted as it would for us to go out we decided to goto Panera Bread. The last time we were there was August 31 for Eat Outside Day and I ordered a Steak & Blue Cheese Chopped salad. Today was no different, well except for the fact that we ate inside instead of out. My moldy cheese and steak salad was excellent. I also noticed today that the salad wasn’t listed as a seasonal item anymore. Could it be a regular menu item now? I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate.

Tomorrow we’ll nip procrastination in the “butt” and get some things that NEED to get done done. It’s National Kick-Butt Day.

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