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International Top-Spinning Day

Posted by Chris

International Top Spinning DayThe top, one of the worlds oldest toys, is a toy that is spun on an axis while balancing on a point. Tops have been found on archaeological digs throughout the world over. The operation of a top is dependent on it’s gyroscopic effect. Wobbling at first, the top will straighten up until the gyroscopic effect lessens and the top eventually topples. Today is International Top-Spinning Day, a day to honor the toy that has been enjoyed by children and adults for quite some time now.

It’s probably a safe bet to say that at some point in your childhood you spun a top. Personally I can recall spinning tops on multiple occasions and even making my own tops a time or two. I may have even tried to make a makeshift top using a bicycle wheel. I’m not sure the reason why I was doing this but I do know that there is an unusual amount of pleasure in just spinning something and watching it stand on its own until loosing momentum and falling over.

Most tops these days are made out of one of three materials; wood, plastic, or metal. I don’t always like the norm, today I wanted to be different. We decided to look up a couple how-to’s for making our own top. I was in charge of celebrating today and went with an origami top. While most tops are powered by pulling a string, twisting a stick, or pushing an auger, this top was different…it is wind powered. Due to the way it is shaped when you blow down on it it spins. It may actually be a little bit more fun than the standard top. At one point while trying to spin the top Brittany mentioned that she almost passed out and was light headed from blowing too hard. Clearly she doesn’t know how to control her celebratory emotions while celebrating such an exciting holiday.

Get ready to excercise your head, tomorrow is Train Your Brain Day!

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