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World Egg Day

Posted by Chris

World Egg DayWorld Egg Day is always celebrated on the second Friday of October. It was created in 1996 as a day for the world to come together and celebrate the benefits of the egg. Since the inaugural event in 1996 World Egg Day has grown “eggs”ponentially and is celebrated in the America, Mongolia, Australia, China and all throughout Europe. Eggs are high in nutrition, low in fat, great for your eyes, an excellent source of protein, the list goes on. Eggs truly are all they are cracked up to be!

Growing up an only child definitely had its pros and cons. I hated the fact that I woke up before any of my friends during the weekends; what I didn’t hate was the fact that my mother, and sometimes father, would cook a mean breakfast. It was a shock to me when I reached an age where I had to start taking care of myself and breakfast wasn’t provided to me every weekend. Hopefully one day this is a tradition Brittany and I can start with our family.

Since World Egg Day is celebrated while we will be on our cruise Brittany and I decided to pre-celebrate October 4, National Taco Day. While Brittany was making tacos for us to eat, I was busy cooking up a mighty tasty omelet. I’ve enjoyed mixing ingredients to make my own omelets for about 15 years now. This evening I wanted to create something that would go with the tacos we were having too. I beat a couple of eggs and poured them into a frying pan. Once the egg had cooked up a bit I put a slice of pepper jack cheese and some sauteed onions on what would be the inside of the omelet and let things sit just long enough for the cheese to melt. I folded over the egg and we indulged the deliciousness I had just created. I topped my half with some salsa while Brittany opted to eat hers without. She did however comment on how good the omelet was. What an EGGcellent dinner!

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