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Sweetest Day

Posted by Brittany

Luckily for me, it’s pretty easy to make Chris happy.  Just like the adage that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” Chris’s love can be earned withs food.  And he especially loves candy.  Today I decided to skip the gym after work and go on a super-secret shopping spree.  I picked up a Sweetest Day card while I was out, then headed over to the candy stand in a nearby mall to hunt down some rainbow striped candy bacon he’s been obsessed with ever since he saw Epic Mealtime’s Candy BBQ episode.  I loaded up with a quarter pound of the candy bacon and grabbed a few Flavoreds Starbursts and picked Chris up at the commuter lot as usual.  It was nice to be able to surprise him with the treat.  And it really was a surprise: not only did he not know we were celebrating Sweetest Day (we’d originally planned to celebrate another holiday, but I pulled a fast one on him!), but this is one of the holidays we “pre-celebrated” (10 days early to be exact) since we’ll be in the middle of the Caribbean by the time you read this.  We hope you’re enjoying Sweetest Day while we’re sipping some sweet drinks!

Tomorrow my “sweetie” and I will strive to improve our vocabulary in honor of Dictionary Day.

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