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No Beard Day

Posted by Chris

No Beard DayBefore razors there was little that a man could do to groom his facial hair. Sometimes two shells were used to pull the hair out — NOT comfortable. Some time around 3000 BC, during the time when copper tools were being developed, copper razors started to show up. Nowadays the average male shaves about 20,000 times between the ages of 15 and 75. Ninety percent of American men over the age of 15 shave, and 75% of them shave on a daily basis. For those that opt for a beard today is No Beard Day.

I absolutely despise shaving. It is something I am constantly putting off until I absolutely have to do it. Lately I’ve been shaving two or three times during each work week. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I don’t like the added time it takes to shave, my facial hair is so sparse, my sensitive skin, or that razors are so darn expensive; shaving just seems to be more of a hassle than anything else. Maybe it is a combination of everything I just listed.

Last year I participated in Movember, a supplement to the month of November where men grow mustaches and raise vital funds and awareness of mens health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Not only did it give me a reason not to shave but it’s a good cause. I’ve considered participating this year and after thinking about it some I would like to use No Beard Day as the start to my “conditioning” season. I let me facial hair grow out as long as I could today, shaving as late in the day as possible to allow for maximum growth. I busted out the trusty Gillette Fusion razor and treated my face to an exquisite shaving. The plan for my training period is to shave every other day for the next week or so then every day until Movember 1st (November 1). I really wanted Brittany to celebrate with me today but she declined. Said something about not having enough facial hair. Lucky!

Happy with where you are in life? Are you doing better or worse than you thought you would by now? Tomorrow is Evaluate Your Life Day.

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