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Evaluate Your Life Day

Posted by Brittany

Evaluate Your Life DayAccording to the good people over at October 19th is Evaluate Your Life Day, a day that encourages everyone “to check to see if they’re really headed where they want to be.” This sort of self exploration can be scary for some of us. After all, we may not like what we find. But ultimately, this is really an opportunity to be honest with ourselves. Are there changes we need to make? Is it time to move cities, change careers, lose a little weight? Or are there improvements we need to make from within? If your answer to any of these questions might be “yes” then today is the day to start dreaming up the rest of your life.

I thought I had my whole life figured out by the time I was a teenager. I would graduate from high school and go off to college, majoring in something practical that I could fall back on if need be. But my main goal would be to fall in love, get married, and start a family. I wanted to marry young so I could have plenty of newlywed time with my husband before having children, but still have two kids by the time I turned thirty. He would have a good job that allowed me to stay home and raise the little ones. And, of course, we would live in a house with a white picket fence, a two car garage, and a fluffy dog to greet us at the door. As long as I was part of a loving family nothing else would matter.

This year I turned 32, and it’s difficult not to laugh at the naive child that dreamed these things. Obviously, my life did not turn out according to my original “plan”. Yes, I did get married young, but I also got divorced at 27. I’m remarried now, but still childless. I have the house and cars, but instead of one fluffy dog gently welcoming me home, I’m attacked by a pack of four sweet but wild beasts. And not only do I have a career of my own, but I’m actually the primary provider for our family. But even more surprisingly — I’m glad things are going the way they are. I’m not sure that I would ever have known what a strong and unique person I am if I’d chosen the path I thought I wanted.

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