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Count Your Buttons Day

Posted by Chris

Count Your Buttons DayButtons and other button-like objects have been in use, both decorative and as fasteners, since 2800-2600 BCE. The earliest buttons were made from seashell and then bronze later on during the Bronze Age of China and Ancient Rome. Although buttons were used as fasteners early on, functional buttons with buttonholes first appeared in Germany in the 13th century. It didn’t take long for the trend to spread, by the 14th century they were being used in snug fitting garments throughout Europe. Nowadays buttons are manufactured from just about everything and are a pretty crucial part to many clothing items. Happy Count Your Buttons Day!

This holiday doesn’t have much of a history, in fact there isn’t really much out there about it other than the fact it exists. Everything you read on the interwebs states that it is about counting your buttons, presumably on the clothes you are wearing. Well, I had to celebrate today’s holiday a few days early since by the time this post is published I’ll be on a boat somewhere in the Caribbean. Luckily this means I was dressed up and could take full advantage of the holiday. My sleeves each had three buttons, the front of my shirt had eight front facing buttons and two rear facing extra buttons, and my pants had a total of three buttons (one on each rear pocket and one on the inside near the belt buckle area). So if I did my math correctly I had 3+3+8+2+2+1 or 18 buttons. Nothing exciting but they kept my clothes on for me, that’s a good thing right?

It’s time to get nutty, unless you are allergic to nuts of course. Tomorrow is National Nut Day.

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