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National Nut Day

Posted by Chris

National Nut DayIf you enjoy eating nuts then October 22 is the day for you. National Nut Day is an unofficial that is celebrated every year on this day. While there is no real historical background as to why today is National Nut Day it is thought that maybe the celebrations are to recognize the nutritious values of nuts. Almonds for example have a total of 17 grams of protein or every 100 gram serving, while other nuts are high in protein and low in carbs.

The first nut that comes to my mind, the peanut, is actually not a nut — it is a legume. This is a fact that I actually learned a few days ago from a coworker who is allergic to nuts. Some websites say it is still ok to celebrate today’s unofficial by consuming peanuts, peanut butter, peanut brittle, etc.

I think my fondness for nuts came from my family. I recall going to Fat Tuesday’s (a local restaurant that has long been closed) and watching my dad eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Family get togethers were another occasion where my family would all snack on a mixture of nuts, and more recently a big bowl of pistachios. Finally, as a young child I remember my grandparents telling me that Santa is in every peanut. I didn’t believe them at first but when they cracked the shell and separated two peanut halves sure enough he was on one of the halves. If you don’t know what I’m referring to check out this picture on Flickr.

With my families love for nuts it is no wonder I enjoy nuts too. Since Brittany and I have started to clip coupons I haven’t had too many opportunities to enjoy my favorite nut, the pistachio. Today Brittany and I both agreed that we could overlook our coupon obsession and we purchased a bag of Everybody’s Nuts Chili & Lime pistachios! This is my favorite flavor of pistachio so you can only imagine how exciting this was for me. I nearly ate the whole bag but made Brittany hide it from me before I could finish it off!

We return from our cruise tomorrow, just in time for Mole Day. Chemistry, not the little creature that terrorizes your lawn!

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