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Mole Day

Posted by Brittany

The main character uses his knowledge to create a pure drug, and also to complete other felonious tasks like creating chemical compounds that dissolve a human body or burn away even the strongest of locks. Truly, when it comes to chemistry, knowledge is power!

After getting a few episodes of Breaking Bad under our belts Chris and I also downloaded a free app of the periodic table. It’s been a long time since I looked over the old chart, so in honor of National Mole Day I decided to find out a little more information about three of the elements listed: Yttrium (Y), Oxygen (O), and Lutetiem (Lu). When you put their symbols together you get YOLu, the acronym Chris and I use when we discuss our Year Of Living Unofficially. I poked around in the app for a little while and determined that the elements have 88.90585, 15.9994, and 174.967 moles respectively. Now that I’ve re-familiarized myself with the periodic table (at least a little anyway), the geeky part of me sort of wants to relearn some basic chemistry too, especially making the fun little drawings that diagram compounds — that was always my favorite part. But the realist in me is still telling me that it’s a really good thing I never tried to become a pharmacist, a chemist, or a illegal drug manufacturer!

Tomorrow we’ll be revisiting another middle school memory — bologna sandwiches! It’s National Bologna Day!

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