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National Greasy Food Day

Posted by Brittany

National Greasy Food DayOctober 25th is National Greasy Foods Day, a day to throw caution to the wind and indulge in your favorite greasy meals. Greasy food is high in calories and fat and low in nutrients, but it offers a tasty satisfaction that keeps people coming back for more. Even with all of the digestion issues that accompany many greasy foods, they remain a favorite across America. In fact, fried chicken is among the most ordered foods in U.S. restaurants. And fried food lovers have found a way to fry just about anything — including candy bars, twinkies, burgers, and even soda! But even if you’re a health nut, it’s good to live dangerously (or unofficially!) once in awhile, so grab a burger or a slice of pizza so you can see what you’ve been missing.

This day came a little close on the heels of our weeklong vacation. I was actually a little relieved to step onto my bathroom scale when we got home this weekend and see that I’d only gained 5 pounds. On one side of the scale (hehe) that seems like a substantial weight gain in one week’s time. But on the other, when I consider all of the eating, drinking, and merriment, the damage could have been a lot worse. Still, I was anxious to get back to my workout and burn off the extra pounds as I keep working toward my pre-pregnancy goal of reaching 110 lbs. Then came National Greasy Foods Day!

I light of everything I decided to treat today like a “last hurrah”. I still went to the gym after work to minimize the damage I knew I was about to do, but then, in honor of National Greasy Foods Day, Chris and I pigged out on two cheeseburger meals from McDonalds. When we were pulling through the drive-thru the cashier pointed to our fries as they were being removed from the fryer to signal that they were going to be hot. And extra greasy. By the time we pulled into the garage all of our fries had been greedily devoured, leaving the tell-tale stain of grease on the bag. We finished off the rest of our food not long after getting inside. But in all honesty, we really don’t eat McDonald’s food that often (we usually opt for Chick-fil-A when eating fast food since it’s at least a little healthier…and yummier), so this meal had been a long time in the making. We had thrown around the idea of eating at McDonalds on National Cheeseburger Day and National Hamburger Day, but wound up choosing different restaurants instead. But now that our vacation is over and we’ve had our McDonalds fix for the year I’m anxious to get back on track with a healthy diet and lifestyle. And as far as today’s dinner…well, anything in moderation.

Tomorrow we’ll be gearing up for Halloween — it’s National Pumpkin Day!

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