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National Pumpkin Day

Posted by Brittany

Unfortunately, I hadn’t put much thought into the health of my poor little pumpkin and started to get worried as I heard it rolling around and smashing into the sides of my trunk. But luckily all was well and I moved it to a cushy spot in the back seat between errands. I do have to admit, though, that when a woman cut me off and caused me to slam on my breaks I exclaimed “You almost hurt my little pumpkin, #@%&!!!”

Chris and I considered carving our new little friend but we’ve decided to leave him as-is for now, in the hopes that leaving him in tact will give him a longer life span. So right now he’s resting in our kitchen, brightening our countertops with a little autumnal cheer….and keeping watch over the pumpkin pie we’re getting ready to have for dessert!

And now we’re off to the closet to find our black hats and broomsticks…in keeping with the Halloween theme, tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Wicked Witch Day!

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