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Wicked Witch Day

Posted by Brittany

Although I would have loved to celebrate today’s “unofficial” by seeing Wicked again (Chris and I saw it with my parents last year and we loved it…ironic since I don’t really like The Wizard of Oz), a trip to New York wasn’t realistic so we decided to spend this evening learning a little more about the history of witches and witchcraft. We found an A&E documentary titled Ancient Mysteries: Witches and settled down on the couch to watch as it started outlining the history of witchcraft and it’s likely benevolent roots. It went on to cover the morphing of the witch from wise woman to evil sorceress, explaining that monotheistic religions worshiping a masculine deity may have been responsible for the shift — as these new religions made inroads the older ones worshipping feminine deities and employing female priestesses and wise women were looked on suspiciously. I’m probably not doing it justice with my description, but it was pretty interesting. The documentary went on to cover the massive witch hunts of the European Middle Ages (which made me particularly glad to be a woman living in modern times) and the infamous Salem witch trials. The program was under an hour and packed full of interesting facts and explanations of our modern folklore perception of the witch. All in all, it was a good adult activity for the Halloween season. If you have some time to kill between your infant feasting and that massacre of your neighbor’s livestock you’ve so been looking forward to, may we humbly suggest that you log into Netflix and check it out…it will leave you itching for your black hat and cauldron.

Tomorrow we’ve got another spooky evening planned — it’s Frankenstein Friday!

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