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Frankenstein Friday

Posted by Brittany

Tonight Chris and I celebrated Frankenstein Friday with Netflix and our cousins Joey and Emily. After a pizza dinner and some chatting we decided to peruse our Frankenstein options among Netflix’s instant streaming library. We found several Frankenstein movies, ranging from the old classic Son of Frankenstein
Son of Frankenstein to ridiculous adaptations depicting a “rock and roll” monster and even a film starring Abbot and Costello. I had hoped that we could find either the original Boris Karloff film or a good modern horror adaptation, but we weren’t so lucky. Eventually we settled on an Frankenstein Unbound, a Roger Corman science fiction film from 1990 that follows a scientist from 2031 as he inadvertently travels through time to 1817 Switzerland and becomes involved with Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein, and his monster. The movie only received 5.2 stars on so I was not too surprised to find that it was almost unbearably campy and dated. But I was surprised to see that the undeniably bad film featured respectable actors like John Hurt and Raul Julia! Even though the movie turned out to be laughably lame, especially with it’s bizarre alien-looking Monster and his non-threatening English accent, we had a wonderful evening with our cousins. Plus, it got me geared up for next year’s release of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie!

Our frightening Halloween week celebrations will temporarily be suspended in honor of something a little more wholesome — tomorrow is National Oatmeal Day!

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