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National Oatmeal Day

Posted by Brittany

National Oatmeal DayOatmeal, also called cornmeal or peasemeal, is made from ground oats or a porridge made from oats. After the oat grains are de-husked they are heated and cooled, a process which creates the oatmeal’s nutty flavor. Oatmeal can be made from ground, crushed, rolled, or steel-cut oats, and can be milled into fine, medium, or course consistencies. It can be consumed by itself, used as in ingredient for baking cookies and cakes, or used as a raw accent on top of muffins and other baked goods. Oatmeal isn’t just delicious, it’s healthy too. Eating a bowl each day may reduce the risk of heat disease, lowers cholestorel, and stabilizes glucose levels. National Oatmeal Day is celebrated annually on October 29th. This year the Quaker Oats Company is celebrating by giving a way a year’s supply of free oatmal to 100 lucky contest winners. The company is also hitting the streets of Chicago with a Quaker Oats-Mobile food truck scheduled to deliver breakfast — and fitness guru Bob Harper — to the city’s hungry residents.

Chris and I had an eventful day filled with errands and entertainment including trips to the car dealer, groomer, salon, theater, hardware store, and a co-worker’s Halloween party. The day went by in a blur and it was almost dinner time when we realized we still hadn’t enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal in honor of today’s “unofficial”. Unfortunately, by then we were already out the door, on our way to see one of my high school friends in a local production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. So later in the evening, after the play and the Halloween party, a nice warm bowl of oatmeal served as both a very late dinner and dessert! Chris went all out, passing up the easy task of making instant oatmeal and stirring up a pot on the stovetop instead. He even mixed in a little brown sugar. Yum! As hungry and tired as we both are, it was actually the perfect end to the day, almost like having a warm glass of milk before bed. Now the hungry is gone but the tired is still rearing it’s ugly head, so we bid you all adieu.

Perhaps a little extra sugar will get our engines revving again tomorrow. And it look’s like we’re in luck– It’s National Candy Corn Day!

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