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National Sundae Day

Posted by Brittany

Chris was supposed to take the train home form DC to Stafford today and had even double-checked the schedule, but it turned out they weren’t running due to the Veteran’s Day holiday. So, after a grueling commute home due to a nasty accident, Chris called and told me I had to turn around and go right back to where I’d come from so I could pick him up. It was a pain, but after four hours in the car we were both back in Stafford. Unfortunately, it was starting to get late and all of the primo sundae places were closed. But by that time I didn’t really care anymore and was happy to settle for a classic McDonald’s hot fudge sundae with nuts. At least it was portioned reasonably, cheap, a short wait at the drive-thru, and still quite tasty. And, most importantly, I remembered the nuts.

Today was all about the dessert, but tomorrow will be all about the pizza! It’s National Pizza with the Works Day!

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