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Fibonacci Day

Posted by Chris

November 23 is Fibonacci Day and if you haven’t already figure out why it is because the first four numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence are 1,1,2,3. Translated into a date that is the 23rd of November. Let’s celebrate!

I wanted to celebrate a little bit of a differently today. Having a background in Graphic Design I thought I would through together a design as today’s celebration showing how the Fibonacci Sequence can be applied to design.

I focused on the smaller numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence when choosing the different font sizes in my design. The heading above is a 34pt font, sub-headings are 21pt, and paragraphs are 13pt. These numbers help build a type of hierarchy between the different elements within the design.

My approach for line height and margins is similar. Typically line height is 120% of the font size. I decided that wasn’t enough today. Since the paragraph font is 13pt I wanted to choose the next number in the squence as a line height, 21pt. The margins somewhat follow this practice. The header is 34pt, but instead of going up in the squence I went down one step and the bottom margin is 21pt. Sub-headers follow the same concept, 21/13. Paragraphs are a little bit different, related paragraphs are 13pt with 21pt margin between while unre- lated paragraphs (separated by a sub-heading) are 13pt with 34pt bottom margin.

Columns too can follow the Fibonacci Sequence. Instead of focusing on the lower numbers I looked more at the higher ones. Ultimately I went with 610 and 233. Sticking with the theme the gutter (space between the two columns) is set to 21pt.

Using the Fibonacci Sequence to assist with the layout of a design is something artists have been doing for ages. Whether you know it or not, you probably see it on a daily basis. Web Design is an area where you see it quite frequently. A designer will take the overall width of the site and divide it by Phi, approximately 1.62, and that number will be used as the width of the main area of the site while the remaining area can be used for a sidebar or space for advertisments. This is known to designers as the Golden Ratio, the same ratio you will get from the Fibonacci Sequence.

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